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Why consider

Ruby Hill Broadcast?

The field of Broadcast Engineering is undergoing rapid changes as technology advances and workforce demands are reshaped.

Ruby Hill Broad exists to train and mentor talented, hardworking individuals seeking a career in the broadcast and AV industries. Career Guidance Program can expect to gain the technical skills, soft skills, and nuanced business acumen required for rapid upward career mobility in the broadcast world.

With decades of experience across functional domains and a large network of contacts, the team at Ruby Hill Broadcast is uniquely positioned to help our participants carve out a meaningful and well-compensated career in an industry that few even know exists!

Paying it forward...

Sounds great. What's the catch?

Wait... Why are you offering this opportunity?

Is there a fee to the RHB Career Guidance Program?

Nope. This is not a paid course or program. This is all about paying it forward.

As with many industries, the American economy is about to experience waves of job openings in many positions as Baby Boomers start to retire. There are virtually zero ground-up programs in the broadcast engineering field guiding career seekers on a path that will prepare them to fill those open positions.

Simultaneously, many of Americans find themselves unsure of what they can do for a viably stable career that can meet the demands of life with or without a degree. Broadcast Engineering is a stable, high-paying field, with ample room for career advancement from the bottom up. Anyone who desires to show up, work hard, learn, and grow can create a name for themselves and prosper in this industry.

RHB Founder, Kyle Renz, has identified these gaps on both sides of the fence. Employers need trained and qualified people to fill the positions that are already starting to open up. Some people would be more than happy to fill those roles but they don't know how to break in to the industry. Without proper mentorship, it can be slow and difficult to expeditiously advance in any career.

RHB was created to propel individuals from entry-level positions and into viable career paths in the shortest timeline possible.

”I've had the privilege of knowing Kyle Renz in various capacities, both as a coworker and a client, witnessing his growth from an entry-level technician to a Program Manager. Kyle's leadership is marked by integrity and candor, setting a high standard in our industry. His deep understanding of our business from the ground up is exceptional and invaluable. Kyle's insights and guidance have been instrumental over the years. For anyone considering his program, especially at Ruby Hill Broadcast, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring what Kyle has to offer. His expertise and approach are truly beneficial.

- Brad Baldwin

VP Operations, One Diversified LLC

”The program being offered by RHB is special. I can't think of anyone else in the broadcast industry taking this unique approach to get people prepared to enter our workforce. You can't beat on-the-job training with mentorship behind it to help you navigate where you would fit best. Highly recommend.”

- Michael McNamara

Sr. Design Engineer, The Weather Channel

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